Sometimes my girlfriend and I watch kind of lousy animated movies together. I had never seen this, and for some reason she wanted to see it again? I’m not really sure why? I don’t think she was either? It isn’t very good. It isn’t bad exactly, but it’s just… not very much. I like the idea of a Rapunzel retelling that gives her more agency, and this definitely does some good things, but it doesn’t quite succeed. They made Rapunzel a princess instead of the daughter of normal folks, which I really don’t like. It’s gross, and also leads to some lazy storytelling. Flynn is one of the better Disney love interests, mostly because he has some actual characteristics, he isn’t just “charming” in the blandest way. His relationship with Rapunzel is the strongest part of the movie. It makes me get invested in their connection, and really shows how they fall for each other, with some nice banter, as well as singing platitudes at each other. The songs are uniformly lackluster. There were two that are kind of alright, but it’s mostly forgettable. At least none of it is particularly annoying. If I was a parent and my kid got fixated on this it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I don’t regret watching it, but there are probably better ways I could have used my time.