Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi

First things first: this is a really fun science fiction novel. We need to remember that this is the most important thing. If it wasn’t a good book the rest of the things wouldn’t be worth getting excited about.

Fortunately it’s great, and there are so many things to get excited about! The main character is a queer disabled woman of color. There’s polyamorous relationships! There are found family feelings! There is exactly one man in the entire thing, and he is a werewolf!

The world building is fascinating, and very well thought out. It does some things I can’t remember seeing before in a capitalist dystopia. The way the mystical elements worked along the sci-fi was really good.

I enjoyed. You where you know where it’s going all time, but the sexual tension is so good, and the resolution is great. It gets just the right amount of steamy. Plus, it’s a romance about queer ladies, which is supremely beautiful.

Koyanagi created something really cool, and definitely has a voice worth paying attention to. I really enjoyed this novel, and am interested in what else she comes up with.