This was a fun movie, and I had a lot of critiques of why it structurally didn’t work, but I watched it a couple weeks ago, and have mostly forgotten what my complaints were. Maybe that’s a good thing? It had flaws, but my overall impression was that it was a nice enough time.

I think, basically, it doesn’t really make sense. There was something about the ratio of exposition to things actually happening that felt off. And the overall quality of the world building is not so good. A lot of the set up as trickled out of my head, which is a negative indicator, and nothing impressed me. I really do think there was some sort of structural thing that bugged me, but for the love of god I can’t remember what, and I have no interest in looking up a plot synopsis to try to figure this out. You’re going to have to trust me I guess.

I’m not sure how well it used it’s cast? Britt Robertson was fine as the lead. She looks like Jennifer Lawrence, but isn’t as good, but also wasn’t noticeably bad? Kathryn Hahn and Keegan-Michael Key show up for once scene as (spoiler) killer robots, and I loved it. If you’re going to have such cool people in your movie maybe give them more to do? George Clooney was charmingly George Clooney when given a chance, but there weren’t too many chance. If you’re going to have George Clooney, a bona fide movie star, use as much of that movie star charm as you can.

It was still a fairly charming movie. I wasn’t paying full attention, but I enjoyed it. There was a big final moment that was pretty sappy, and made my father, who had been paying attention, cry. Not that it takes much, but still. It had a very positive message about hope for the world and etc, etc. All of that Disney bs, very earnest. Not a bad movie, but not a good one either, but more sweet than not.


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