Star Trek Beyond

This was everything I wanted. I loved the reboot to pieces, but Into Darkness was depressingly terrible, a misstep that it could be hard to recover from. I was nervous, but this movie was so incredibly satisfying.

It captured the spirt of space exploration that I want from Star Trek. It’s a science adventure about the frontier. It’s a funny movie, and true to what I’m looking for from these characters. The way that the bridge crew cares about each other and rely on each other was incredibly strong. I care so much about the idea of the Enterprise’s crew caring about each other. Like, this is not a reasonable feeling, I know, but that’s where I am.

I’m going to wind up watching this again, and I’m sure I’ll find things to be critical about, but I really loved it. Some of the action sequences were hard to follow, and they could have used Idris Elba better, but those are minor complaints. What movie couldn’t use more Idris Elba really? This was the Star Trek film I was hoping for. It isn’t the most amazing movie in the world, but it’s a really good Star Trek movie, and loyal to what sort of story that’s supposed to be.

There was one moment where everything thing lined up — the humor and the plot came together to set up an action sequence, and the musical cue was so perfect, I sort of wanted to cry. I love these characters, and I love this franchise, and I feel lucky when stories this great get told.


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