Today’s question is how much attention should you pay attention to a movie? I’m of the school of thought that film deserves respect, which is a hella pretentious thing to say, but I believe it, to a point. Sometimes film deserves respect. Some films deserve respect? I believe this generally, but also, I had this on in the background while I fucked around on tumblr.

Normally I don’t do that with movies, unless it’s something one of my folks put on. But this is how I watch a fair amount of TV, which often feels sort of disposable. Swingers is supposed to be a good movie. I had heard enough positive things that I wanted to watch it, it probably deserved more attention than I gave it. I’m not entirely sure that I absorbed enough to really write a review, but whatever.

It’s like a test — if a movie is really good it’ll make you put down whatever you’re doing and give it your full attention. That’s happened to me before. Swingers didn’t manage that. I liked it, but it couldn’t defeat the lure of the second screen. I might have liked it more if I was paying full attention, but eh.

It felt very dated, and not as funny as it thought it was. It’s very talky. It’s full of people who aren’t the kind of people who I care about. This really isn’t a very good review, but I’m trying to write about every movie I watch.

Did I really watch this? I did enough to cross it off my list. And this review is enough to cross it off my list of things to blog about. Verdict: Swingers is not my jam, and also tumblr is a curse.

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