Money Monster

Money Monster was very compelling thriller. It was entertaining, and I got to be angry about how corporations are evil. The premise is that some poor schlub walks on to the set of a cable news financial advice show, and threatens to blow everything up unless he gets some answers about where his money went. The show is a parody of everything that’s wrong with cable news, starring George Clooney as the outrageous soulless host. Clooney was great because he’s George Clooney, he’s a movie star. He has this slightly sleazy presence, where he doesn’t feel like a real person, and having him play this larger than life television financial pundit was a perfect match. Also he has such good chemistry with Julia Roberts. She’s instantly likable and competent as his harried director. The mystery is tightly plotted and smoothly unwound, and the characters are given some good human emotions. My dad and I went to it at the cheap theater by our house. Three dollars to spend some time in good air conditioning watching this was an absolute bargain.


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