writing about film

When I started this blog last summer the goal was to write at least 100 words about every book I read and every movie I watch. This is not a hard task at all, it’s something I am completely capable of doing. I’m constantly behind, but whatever, that’s to be expected. Lately my problem has been that writing about books has been way easier than writing about movies.

I love film, I love reading and writing and being nerdy about it, but writing down simple 100 word bubbles about a movie doesn’t come as easy. This shouldn’t be surprising. I’ve had to do significantly more writing about literature than film. I’ve been writing about books forever, that’s second nature. Writing about movies is harder? Or at least it’s felt harder lately?

Or maybe not harder, but like, less inspiring. I’ve been less interested in writing about movies. When this happens with books it’s a sign that I should be reading more interesting books, but I’ve really enjoyed the movies I’ve seen lately. I’ve gone to the theater three times in the last two weeks, and enjoyed all three films. I have thoughts to share! But putting them down into a blog post feels challenging.

This is just me complaining. I’m going to keep on going the way I have been. If things stay the same maybe I’ll re-evaluate how I’m writing about movies, I don’t know. I need to remember this blog is an adventure, not a chore. Ignore me.


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