Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL

My girlfriend and I watched these ridiculous ridiculous movies, and it was such a fun time.

The first movie is a little bit terrible, or at least far more serious. Steven Soderbergh has a very distinctive style, which unfortunately I had to think about in a film studies class and now I can’t ignore it so it bothers me. Everything looks a little bit sad, which is fair, the world is pretty messed up. There are some great scenes, but overall a strong sense of melancholy. It’s a serious movie about male dancers, which okay, that’s a fine thing to be, but I didn’t love it.

The second movie is just incredible. It is so much fun. It seem like everyone in this movie and involved in its making is just having a blast, and that’s super enjoyable to watch. Most movies aren’t so fucking fun, or so silly.

Channing Tatum is so great. Both movies work because he’s charismatic and a really good dancer. I appreciated him before, but after watching these movies I’m definitely a fan. He makes this ridiculousness work.

This movie was so clearly designed with the female gaze in mind, and that was incredible. It just felt amazing to watch things that were hot that women were meant to find hot. Not only was it well done, but it also feels powerful to be catered to like that.

All of the women who show up are really cool. Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Rome, is so sexy and mysterious and cool, there should be a whole movie just about her. I would pay money to go see that movie in a theater. Andie MacDowell plays a rich southern lady, and it was so perfect. She should be in more things. I loved the acknowledgement that middle aged women are interested in sex too. Channing’s love interest wasn’t very interesting, and didn’t do much, but it wasn’t really a movie about romance. It was a movie about friendship, and creativity, and being yourself.

If I’m going to complain about anything, it’s why did Donald Glover always wear pants? He is so good looking, and so talented. I understand why maybe he would just want to sing and not strip, but really. I would have appreciated that. But he was still great, everyone was great. This is a very minor quibble, but I brought it up to my girlfriend at least three times, so it would have felt disingenuous to not include it in my review.

This movie was just a blast. It’s fun and sexy and a real good time. Watch it with someone you love.


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