We Should All be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I read this sitting at the bookstore. I needed a break from the novel I was reading, and this was short, and sitting in our International Women’s Day display. I’ve heard parts of it before, because I’m cool and listen to Beyonce. She samples Adichie to great effect. I liked the part that was quoted, but never got around to listening to the rest of her speech. I can’t stand TEDtalks. I know there’s some interesting ideas there, but something about the enterprise strikes me as uncomfortably process corporate synergy strangeness.

I’m not entirely sure who the audience is supposed to be. People who aren’t already feminists don’t seem to change their minds easily, or maybe I’m not giving humanity enough credit. I think this is a very common sense book, well written and straightforward. Maybe it could change someone’s mind.

This might be an occasion where I’ve spent too much time in academic feminism so this seems too obvious for me. I don’t need to be persuaded, and am too wrapped up in my own world that it’s hard to remember that there are people who need to be persuaded. Adichie clearly writes about why intersectional feminism is necessary, without ever using the world intersectionality, and without getting pretentious or obscure. That’s pretty impressive.

This would be a really great thing to read in an introductory course, or to give to high schoolers, or your uncle. If you already agree that we should all be feminists then you might not get as much out of it, but it’s still a very good book. It didn’t change my life, but maybe could have if I read it five years ago. Hopefully it will be an important book because really, we should all be feminists. Feminism is for everybody. The more this gets said the closer it comes to reality.


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