Man From UNCLE

This was a super fun movie. My best friend loves the old series, so I’ve seen a few episodes, and am familiar with the general premise. This reboot took a lot of liberties with it’s source material, updating it to be something sexier and more action packed. The basic idea of a Russian spy and America spy working together is still here, but now they’re joined by a German girl as well. Adding a female lead who gets to be cool and badass is basically always a good choice. It isn’t a great movie, but it’s very enjoyable. The editing is fun, with a lot of cool retro split screen stuff. The music and sound design is very well done. The song choices and costuming all gave it a very fun period vibe, while the overall aesthetic/pacing was very modern. The decision to have Nazi villains wasn’t great, somewhere between boring and gratuitous. This movie isn’t heavy at all, and throwing in a Nazi scientist torture was such an odd turn, and really didn’t work. The big bad, a super gorgeous businesswoman whose motivations I never really understood, was a more compelling advisary. It was a nice adventure. All of the scenery was beautiful, the boys were good looking, the car chases were exciting and different. If they decide to make a sequel I’ll probably watch it.


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