Silver Moon by Catherine Lundoff

Four words: middle aged lesbian werewolf. This is a book about a middle aged divorcee who’s starting to go through menopause, which in her small town, means becoming a werewolf. Isn’t that just a super cool idea? I love it. She isn’t excited about this transformation at all, but eventually comes to terms with the changes in her life, as well as her feelings for her female neighbor (who is also a werewolf). There’s a gang of troublemakers in town, who might be offering an opportunity to not turn into a wolf. She has choices to make. There’s an action mystery plot. It’s a really fast read, and really fun. It’s full of strong women characters who care about each other and support each other. Sure they’re werewolves, but they’re also a community. It’s great to read about women who aren’t young, and it’s great to read about someone who’s older and starting to question their sexuality. A fun sweet book. Not actually great, kind of wandering, but so much fun, so who cares.


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