This was a really engrossing documentary about there people trying to climb Meru, which is a mountain in the Himalayas that no one had ever reached the top of before.

God boys make such terrible choices, don’t they?

I was texting my girlfriend while I was watching it, just like, “everyone in this movie keeps on making worse and worse choices.” She said, “Isn’t that your thing?” Which yes, generally it is, but the kind of terrible choices I’m into are choices about feelings, not choices about ALMOST DYING ON A MOUNTAIN.

It’s just… Wow. The scenery is all stunningly beautiful, to the point where you kind of stop realizing what you’re seeing. These sort of shots seem familiar from like, action movies, and establishing shots, but then you remember that these dudes are actually on a mountain filming this as they’re freezing and almost dying, and then you have to pause and think about it, and it’s just like. What the hell? It’s amazing.

I kind of wish there had been more about the filmmaking process, more acknowledgement that not only are they climbing this mountain and doing all these things, they’re also filming the whole time with a plan to turn it into a documentary. It mostly cuts between their on Meru, and talking head shots of them talking about it. This takes away some of the drama, in that it tells us none of them die, which occasionally doesn’t seem like a sure thing. I like how it gives us more than just the three dudes who are climbing. It gets their families involved, and gives a lot more context for their motivations, and what’s on the line with this climb. It manages to keep it grounded, and focused on a human scale, on personal stories, instead of getting lost in something vague about man conquering nature or similar bullshit.

There was possibly supposed to be something inspiring about like human resilience and innovation or whatever, but mostly I was just in awe that people are this ridiculous. Humans are so stupid, and do such daft things, and I love that. We should own that, embrace that. Other creatures don’t climb terrible mountains that want to kill them just to say they have, filming the whole time. It’s pretty absurd, and pretty amazing.


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