It would have been so easy to make this boring or overwhelming, but instead it was really great. Nothing about this is flashy. Like good journalism it’s solid and well constructed. Everything is very well done, and really subtle. I understand why it won the Oscar for best picture. It’s full of great performances. It’s an important story well presented. I know more about the topic now than before I watched the movie. It was informative and also entertaining — not exactly enjoyable given the subject matter, but moving and not at all miserable. I’m not usually all that passionate about journalism, but this reminded me why the field matters and why I do really care. I did two and half years of high school newspaper, and at the end of the year the teacher would always show a movie, and it’s nice to know that in the future kids will miss out on the Hayden Christensen vehicle Shattered Glass. It’s simply an excellent movie.


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