A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab


My girlfriend absolutely loved this book and told me I had to read it right away. I really enjoyed it, but don’t know if it merited quite that much excitement.

The world building is really strong. There are multiple Londons, and our hero, Kell, is one of the only people with the ability to travel between them. He’s from Red London, full of magic. Grey London is our own world. White London is a scary violent place, with it’s magic dying and taking the rest of the world with it. Black London is lost. The action plot involves going back and forth, chases and power plays. It’s all very compelling. I got caught up in it, and could scarcely put the book down. Kell is a great, as are the villains and the supporting cast. It gives you just enough to care about every character that’s introduced. It’s a very fun exciting book. It’s not as gay as I wanted it to be, or as gay as my girlfriend made it sound, which is a pity. I liked that there was a queer character, even if it’s mostly on the edges.

A sequel just came out — I’m not entirely sure why there’s going to be a sequel, but it’ll probably be a good time, and I’m definitely going to read it cause my girl’s so excited about it. I enjoyed the book a lot, but I enjoyed her enthusiasm for everything about it even more.


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