I had heard really good things about this documentary. It was way darker than I expected, but ultimately hopeful. It’s about a bunch of brothers who grew up never being able to leave their family’s New York City apartment. By the time the movie starts they’re mostly teenagers, and starting to strike out on their own. What’s really interesting is how they were so isolated, unable to interact with the real world, but they were completely immersed in pop culture. They love movies, and have started to remake their favorites, complete with elaborate hand crafted props and costumes.

There’s something magical and surreal watching these identical teenage boys with long hair goof around and act out Tarantino movies. There’s darkness here, and they’re coming from something pretty fucked up, but it’s also a funny movie.

Their love of film and love of life ultimately made the thing feel really lively and not depressing. They love the world, and are excited to be a part of it. I really hope they grow up to be awesome filmmakers. It’s a really cool movie about this family, and also about the power and magic of the movies. Absolutely fascinating.


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