Gone Girl

What the fuck was that? Like, it’s a well made mystery, but like, seriously, what the fuck? How is this a thing? And like, a popular thing, a best selling book, an award nominated movie. It’s so?????

Is this what people care about? People are terrible. The people in this movie are terrible.

Every single person in this movie is terrible, (except for the small town detective, played by Kim Dickens, wonderful as always (and oddly unrecognizable as a brunette because I am not very sharp)). But other than her every person in the movie is the worst. It’s like a catalog of different sorts of terrible people. And like, that’s entertaining, but also, what the hell.

I don’t understand so many things about this movie. The casting decisions are just like? Affleck was good, Rosamund Pike was the right kind of perfect/alien/beautiful for Amy. But Neil Patrick Harris seemed like a strange choice? I’m not used to Tyler Perry being a real actor? Casey Wilson seemed to be from another movie? But all of these baffling decisions seem very deliberate, like Fincher is fucking with us. Which really, that’s what this movie is, on some level? The book too, the whole story, is the audience being fucked with. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but is a thing that should be acknowledged. This is manipulative storytelling.

And at the end nothing gets resolved. It’s just fucked up. This is not a reasonable story, but it’s presented in a fancy way, like Oscar bait, instead of like the absurd soap opera dramatics that are at its core. Which is a very interesting decision. It’s challenging us to take this fucked up mess seriously. Which is not actually something I’m interested in doing.

Trying to think of a point of comparison I keep on coming back to The Room, which is odd, because The Room is a filmmaking disaster, and this one is incredibly well done. But as a viewer there’s a similar dissenagagnegment, a need to take a step back, and say alright none of this makes sense, but I’m watching this anyway.

The problem is that I’m pretty sure Flynn and Fincher are trying to get to some big truth about men and women or marriage or something, and that never comes together in a way that makes sense. It’s an interesting story, but nah. I wouldn’t go that far. The take away is that these people are terrible, I don’t feel like I’m learning anything about human nature, but I think it wants me to.

Or, maybe, I just didn’t get it. Maybe this just isn’t for me. That’s very possible.


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