the Eagle


I watched this movie because I had been told it was very gay, which it is! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s also a lovely and well made movie.

It isn’t world changing, but it’s nice enough. Channing Tatum is a roman soldier with daddy issues, Jamie Bell is a British slave. They go on an adventure and look at each other a lot. The actual action plot is more interesting than I expected it to me. I started to care about them bringing back the golden eagle that Channing Tatum’s dad lost across the wall, which I did not expect at all! The final battle scene was well done and dramatic! It’s also very pretty to look at — both the scenery and the boys. I don’t know if it’s historically sound, but I took three years of latin in high school, and nothing about the world seemed obviously wrong. The whole thing is well designed and has solid storytelling.

It was a good little movie. Very diverting. I’m glad it exists.


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