I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about this whole venture. Ant Man? Really? That’s who they were going to make a movie about?

Impressively, they managed to make a fraught character compelling, and make a fun superhero movie in an oversaturated genre.

This movie made a version of Hank Pym that’s sympathetic and interesting, which is really remarkable. 616 Pym is terrible, and the only thing I can remember about him from Ultimates is… Not so great. But here Hank Pym is a fatherly scientist, and a decent enough character.
The decision to focus on Scott was a really good decision. The origins of Pym particles has to be dealt with somehow, but it’s all goofy silver age science, while Scott is a fresh take on what/how someone becomes a super “hero.” He isn’t a real hero, but he doesn’t fall into the normal grim and boring trap of anti-heros.

I didn’t read all of Irredeemable Ant-Man, but I remember enjoying what I did read. The movie didn’t make me want to rush out and go read everything else, but it did remind me why I appreciated the book.

It was a superhero movie that was also fun! Which is what superhero movies should be, it’s a lot of what drew me to these stories to begin with, but something that’s missing a lot of the time. There should be variety! All sorts of superheros in all sorts of movies! Ant-Man isn’t perfect, it isn’t everything I want, but it’s different, and that was cool.


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