Hot Fuzz

orig_hot_fuzz_mineThis was a really fun and offbeat comedy. Very genre savvy and very funny. Much smarter than the cover makes it look. Also, a very well plotted mystery that skillfully plants red herrings, takes the audience on sudden turns, and finally arrives at a surprising but satisfying reveal. It’s cartoonish, but also grounded in some very realist relationships which grounds the more ridiculous bits. It’s has a very British sensible, which I think keeps it bearable instead of overblown. My girlfriend who insists she “doesn’t like comedies” really likes this movie, which is enough of a recommendation that I don’t know why I didn’t watch it before now. I think it’s because boys I went to highschool with liked it as well, which is a fair reason to be skeptical of something. I think it’s just a very likable movie. The ending does get a sort of absurdly exaggerated, but it works well enough, and overall it was good time.


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