omg raven cylcle!

Last week I read the first three books of the Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater in four days, and it was absolutely fantastic. I could not stop reading. I love every single character. Gansey is an archetype of a certain type of hero that often frustrates me, but subverted and given a new life as something fresh. Blue is the kind of female protagonist I want to read about, and the kind of young woman I want to be. Ronan is exactly my sort of disaster. I love that the grownup characters are complex and interesting, which is so rare in books about teenagers. All of the women in Blue’s household mean so much to me. Her mother, Maura, is incredible, and I love that she’s given a love interest that’s cool and important to the story, not just checking something off a list. The worldbuilding works, the plot is interesting, the antagonists are well done. After the last book comes out in April I’m going to come back and write something about the series as a whole, but I was excited and didn’t want to wait until then to share how much I enjoyed these books.

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