Best of Enemies

I had heard good things about this movie when it came out, but then after reading Eminent Outlaws, which had a lot about Vidal, including this incident, I really wanted to check it out. It was a very interesting movie, and did a good job of balancing the archival footage and modernday talking heads. The way news was done back then is so different from how news operates now, it’s sort of ridiculous. I don’t like saying better or worse, I don’t think this is a healthy or interesting way of thinking about history, but the distance between public intellectuals debating issues on TV to a 24 hour news cycle that doesn’t actually report anything, or at least not the same way tweeting from the middle of things does, it’s just so… It’s a cosmic shift. We don’t even have “public intellectuals” anymore, at least not in the same way. This documentary was an enlightening window into the way things used to be, into a story that was a huge deal at the time and has now faded into obscurity. It’s well done, and brings up a lot of things to think about.



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