The Top Three Worst Minnesota Music Acts

this is something I have a lot of feelings about, and it needed more words than Twitter.

3. Trampled By Turtles

Trampled by Turtles are terrible. They straddle the line between the brand of trendy indie folk rock made popular by Mumford and Sons (undoubtedly one of the worst bands of the decade) and actual old fashioned bluegrass. Is there a worse kind of music than bluegrass? I don’t think so. Trampled by Turtles are one of the only bands who I change the station when they come on the radio. Listening to them causes me physical pain. The one good thing you could say about Trampled by Turtles is at least they have a thing. They have an identity. It’s terrible, but distinctly terrible.

2. Owl City

Every now and then a local paper will write something trying to pretend that Owl City are relevant, and every time I get confused. They just aren’t. They’re the boringest thing on earth. He’s from Owatonna, which might not even be a real place. I know I have heard Owl City songs before, but have no memory of what they sound like. He’s aggressively forgettable. The fact that he’s popular and sells records is a sad reminder that lots of people are very dull and have no taste.

1. Prof

Everything about Prof is disgusting, and an example of what’s wrong with our world today. I just read on Wikipedia which he graduated from my high school, and I’m so sad. His set at the Rhymesayers anniversary show was the lowlight of my year so far. Just say no to this.


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