The Viscount’s Prey by Julia Leijon

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this up. It’s a smutty little thing, and this is a blog that my mother has been linked to. So? That’s weird?

But I also don’t have anything to say about the sex or romance. It was fine, whatever.

What struck me about The Viscount’s Prey is how it was a note perfect Dracula pastice. The tone was entirely in line with what I remember of the novel, the changes made to make it into a m/m romance were well chosen and didn’t interrupt the style.

Dracula is one of those great stories that’s multiplied in a thousand ways. I read it several years ago for school, and I didn’t love it, but I loved how I could see its influence everywhere. This is Nosferatu, and the overblown 90s movie, and the first episode of season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Simpsons parodies, and a million other things. This story is soaked into our cultural DNA. The Viscount’s Prey isn’t much, but it’s a worthy edition to the collection of weird crap playing with the Dracula story.


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