how big is the sound of 2015

It’s really interesting. We’re getting towards the end of the year, and I’m starting to think about my list for the best of 2015. Or like, I’ve been thinking about that since June, but now it’s December and I have a better idea of what that list looks like. A lot of my favorite albums of the year are big albums, statement albums, a couple double albums, big chunks of music. This is so different from last year where my two favorite releases were slim little EPs. You could listen to my favorite release from last year, Divorcee’s EP four times in the same time it takes to get through To Pimp A Butterfly once. Tenement Predatory Highlights is just as long. Titus Andronicus’s The Most Lamentable Tragedy is even longer. The Hamilton soundtrack isn’t really comparable, but it’s really super long.

One release from this year that I’ve really enjoyed but keep on forgetting about is Wavves and Cloud Nothing’s collaboration, No Life For Me. It’s only twenty minutes, but that’s all it needs to be. It’s really good. It doesn’t need to be anything more. It’s twenty solid minutes of energetic interesting punk songs. While I love this little thing, it seems slight in comparison to some of the year’s other releases. It’s small. And that’s one of its strengths, it’s concise, like a good punk song should be. It gets what it needs to get done, and then it’s over. It’s only compared to some of the magnum opus’s I’ve been listening to this year that it gets dwarfed.

I don’t have a big conclusion here, I just think it’s interesting. Something to think about.


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