Him by Sarina Bowen and Ellie Kennedy

I had issues with this book, but it really worked for me as a romance novel. If I was in a mood to be critical there’s a lot I could dig into about the way bisexuality is presented. An outsider’s homophobia comes across as a hurried plot point in a weird way. There’s a half-acknowledged but still uncool misogyny of one the main gay character. Some of the stuff about how major league hockey contracts work is just… not correct, or at least not realistic, and there wasn’t a compelling plot reason for changing things. This book has issues.

But I still really enjoyed it? It was well paced, the characters had strong voices, and their feelings made sense. It works. The sex scenes were well placed and compelling. The ending was satisfying. What more are you looking for in a romance novel? It isn’t great, but it’s a pleasant afternoon’s reading.



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