Greyback Bears Series by T. C. Joyce

Do you ever do things that you know you don’t really want to, and you don’t know why you’re doing it, and you know you could stop, there isn’t any reason to keep going, but you aren’t going to stop, even if you aren’t really enjoying yourself, and don’t understand what’s going on.

Yeah. I read all of the Greyback Bears books by T.C. Joyce. They aren’t very good. At all.

I have a buddy who’s in the romance novel business, and a while ago she was talking about werebears, which I just thought was an amazing concept, and I had to go exploring.

The first one is kind of fantastic trash? I like the lead because she reminds me of my best friend in a really weird way. The later ones getting increasingly muddled and repetitive. The third book had a moment where the heroine’s internal response to seeing her bear paramour’s dick is thinking “Holy maccaroni,” which may be a high point of the series in terms of sheer absurdity.

I can’t recommend these on any level, they’re terrible, but… They’re also something special? I read a lot, but nothing quite like this before.


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