Killjoys Season 1

What a great show. The worldbuilding is really incredible. There are only ten episodes in the first season, but there’s a lot packed in there, and it never feels like an info dump. Bits and pieces are parsed out in fairly episodic early adventures, giving you all of these pieces that fit together, building for a grand finale. Sometimes when shows do this, especially RTD era Doctor Who, it can feel incredibly forced, but this feels natural.

It does so much with just ten episodes. It introduces and makes you care about so many characters without making a big deal of it. There are the three leads, but also a bunch of side characters who wind up being important. They’re introduced and built up in a really gradual good way, so by the end I care about them. It builds up all these little pieces to get me invested in not just the leads, but everyone, so when they’re put in peril at the season finale I really care.

God, what a finale. All the pieces come together, cohering into a great adventure that doesn’t entirely get resolved, but teases about what comes next.

At the end of the last episode I texted the friend who told me to check it out, like, really? That’s where it ends? And now I have to wait? That isn’t fair, I need MORE, RIGHT NOW.

It’s just so good. I can’t wait until the second season. They set up so many super cool things, and now I want to see how it all works out!!!! I’m still waiting for Dutch’s backstory to be more than casual orientalism in space clothes, but there’s clearly more going on than we’ve seen yet, and they still have a chance to be better.

There’s still a lot of ways this could go wrong. A great start is only worth so much as long as they can keep it going or find some sort of satisfying conclusion. The first season is ten episodes of the world getting bigger and bigger — I’m not sure where they’re going to go from here, but I’m really excited to find out.

Killjoys is like, my dream kinda trashy beautiful sci-fi show. It isn’t serious/grim/dark like Battlestar Galactica, but it’s substantial. Amanda Tapping shows up in a tiny role, which wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but it never feels like a proper sci-fi show until a Stargate actor makes an appearance. There’s a character named Khlyen, who I thought was named “Klein” but of course not, because it’s a sci-fi show. Of course it’s spelled Khlyen. That’s the level of grand they’re aspiring to.

There was a phase where I watched a lot of fairly mediocre but enjoyable sci-fi shows, but then they all disappeared, or I grew up, or something. It really sucked. This is better than most of those things, but it has the same spirit of fun.

The first season was great, I can’t wait to see what goes comes next. Absolutely worth checking out if sci-fi is your jam.


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