why I write book reviews

I was recently talking to a friend about the different things I’ve been writing, and I told her that I had been making myself write at least a hundred words about every book I read and every movie I watched. She asked, “Why? You know you’re not in school anymore.”

I do know that, and I think part of why I started doing this is because not being in school kind of freaks me out. I like school, and I’m good at it. I like thinking and writing about literature, which is why grad school is probably somewhere in my future. I like taking the time to think about what I’ve just read or seen, and trying to explain it to someone else. I’m a really fast reader, and having to write makes makes me slow down and process more thoroughly. 

Also, I was recently looking through my read books page on shelfari, and I have stronger memories of books that I’ve had to write about in some context. This shouldn’t be surprising, but books I’ve written papers on stick around stronger in my head. Writing a little bubble review for my pet blog isn’t the same thing at all, but still, having to put my impression into words makes the impression stick around longer. Also, if I do forget my reaction to a book I can come back and find what I wrote about at the time.

This is basically a public journal of my reading habits. Doing this writing, and having these reflections, would be valuable to me, even if no one else finds it interesting. Whether anyone else finds it interesting is well… If you’re reading this, maybe you do.

Reading my book reviews is probably more interesting than reading my thoughts about writing book reviews. I’m sorry about that.

Regular programing will resume shortly.


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