Red Army

Red Army is a very well made documentary about the Soviet hockey program. It is full of good interviews, good background knowledge, good graphics, etc, etc. It’s covering a time where sports and world politics were very closely intertwined, and doesn’t shy away from that. It looks at the importance of these hockey teams both domestically within the Soviet Union, and in terms of larger cold war politics.

It tells the stories of players from the time that they were children or young men, through their careers in hockey, into being the older men who are giving interviews now. I would have been interested in seeing more about how these men continue to shape Russian hockey today, but understand why it didn’t dig into that. That could be a whole film on it’s own, one that probably can’t exist until decades later.

I watched this with my dad, who’s a hockey fan who lived through this era, and knows some stuff about it. I went in with a different knowledge base, and we both found things we hadn’t heard before, and both enjoyed it.

Most of my knowledge of this era comes from an American perspective, and is focused a little bit later, on the 1980 Miracle team. It was interesting to see that story from the other side, and to get a greater understanding of the global context.

If you’re a hockey fan, or interested in this era of history, or just into really solidly made documentaries, this is definitely worth checking out.


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