One In Every Crowd by Ivan Coyote

Coyote brings a queer perspective to stories about growing up in the Yukon, an oddball in a large, loving, working class family.

The stories are ordered very well. When I read short things it’s always tempting to skip around, but these are arranged this way for a reason. Earlier stories are referenced later on, and they’re mostly chronological, which means the reader see Coyote grow up.

This is aimed at young adults, and I can definitely see giving it some of the youth in my life. Reading this book would have been really good for me when I was in high school, or even middle school. I could also see recommending this to some of the older people in my life. Coyote is such a down to earth story teller, and does such a solid job at telling queer stories that can connect to people who don’t think a lot about queer stuff. Coyote tells stories that make complicated queer lives and identities understandable to folks who haven’t considered this before. It’s the queerest book I could ever imagine my grandmother enjoying.

It’s a very sweet collection.


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