fall update

School’s started up, and my birthday has happened, so I guess summer is over. It still feels like summer, in bits and pieces. It’s sunny and beautiful today, eight-two in Minneapolis in September, smh. Global warming is really something? It’s gorgeous out.

I’m going to keep on trying to write at least 100 words about every book I read and every movie I see. Except I’ve been reading a lot of really trashy romance novels recently, and I’m not sure how  want to write about that. I have things to say, but I might be too ashamed to post those things here. My mom has a link to this blog! I might want to maintain a certain degree of dignity! (Or maybe not!?)

I didn’t get the boring responsible life path job, which I’ve decided is a thing to be glad about. Fortunately, I did find some good work, which starts this week, and pays well enough that I don’t have to worry. It’s probably better than relying on writing were bear romances as a source of income, though that’s still a thing I want to do. NaNoWriMo should be fun this year…

It’s getting close to the point where I’ll have to admit that my computer really is dying and needs to be replaced, but for now I’m living in denial, with all the sudden restarts and frustration.

Do you have things you want to see me write about? I have a cooking post I’ve been thinking about. It’s almost hockey season, so I’ll be writing more about hockey soon over there.

Before too long it will be getting colder, and I will get frustrated and shut in, but for now I’m excited by any fall chill in the air. Leafs changing color, blah blah blah. Fun.


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