What a great movie. This is a documentary about the comedian Tig Notaro. In a short span of time Notaro gets very sick, losses her mother, and is then diagnosed with cancer. At the same time she’s also looking into having a child, and starting a new relationship. I laughed so much, and I almost cried — both of my parents did cry, a lot. And we all laughed so much.

Notaro is a sharp comedian, who used the tragedy in her life to craft something poignant and hilarious. Her romance with actress Stephanie Allynne is remarkably sweet. It’s still rare and exciting to find a movie about two women falling in love. Allynne considered herself straight before getting involved with Notaro, and the documentary does a very good job understanding the nuances of human sexuality as their relationship slides from friendship to something else.

It’s a movie about being resilient, and finding success, and finding support. The fact that it’s a true story, and that good things can actually come along with horrible ones in real life, not just in Hollywood makes me feel hopeful about the world. Very great.


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