Access All Areas by Ninjalicious

Reading this was part of my continued quest to change how I think about space. I love reading about urban exploring because of how it gives people a different sort of relationship with the city, and works to blur the lines between wild space and known space. I love writing theory stuff about urban exploring. I know there’s a lot of urban exploring in the Twin Cities, I know folks who are involved. I have basically no interest in doing this myself, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I’m lazy, not because I’m chickenshit? But I’m not sure, and that bothers me.

This book is the practical guide to urban exploring. There’s some time spent wondering about the ideas behind urban exploring, and a few anecdotes of adventures the author has been on, but most of the book is about how to do it yourself. I think that’s really great, and I’m glad this book exists, that it’s out there, spreading these ideas and making this more accessible for people who want to give it a try. This seems like a really good guide, a fine place to start, but I don’t actually have any practical experience to say that for sure.

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