Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

Team Human was a sharp young adult novel that played with the tropes of popular paranormal romance. I found the beginning rather grating, where the authors seemed preoccupied with making fun of vampire books. It got a lot better when they started making their own world building clear, and getting into their characters as more than just archatypes. Their world building was excellent. They put a new spin on pieces of the vampire mythology, creating a world that felt solid and complex. The characters work best once it’s shown how much they care about each other. They’re shallow on their own, but their connections made me care about them. It’s always good to see a young adult book with a diverse cast in terms of race and sexual orientation. The protagonist, Mel starts out flat, but her voice gets voice gets more developed and more distinct as it goes on. If this is a genre you’re interested in this is definitely worth checking out, it’s fresh and fun.


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