Moonhead and the Music Machine by Andrew Rae

What a weird book. And what great art. My girlfriend and I started reading this on the bus home — I was showing off my new library books, and she opened this up, and we got a quarter of the way in before we had to go. At first neither of us could tell if it was a young adult book or not. It’s about a young person, Joey Moonhead, who’s getting bullied at school because he as a moon for a head. But then there was a page of animals having sex, and some really sugestive flowers, so it probably isn’t for too young of a reader. It’s a coming of age story about being weird, and embracing your weirdness, and admiring the weirdness of the people around you. It’s about how music is a great tool for expressing and sharing your weirdness, which was something that was really important to me growing up. The art is wonderful. It’s colorful, and expressive, and clearly tells the story. The school scenes are ordinary and boring, as they should be, while the places Joey wanders off to, and the music he plays to is gloriously weird. I really dug the message. A super weird, super weird book.


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