This movie made my dad cry so much. I mean that in the best way.

There was so much good food, and it all looked so pretty. The filmmaking even managed to show the distinction between good but boring food, and good food that’s exciting. Don’t try to watch this movie on an empty stomach, you’ll just get really sad.

The way it incorporated technology was really well done. I’m super interested in seeing how new movies incorporate text on screen, and this was really cool. The tweets showed up as they were typed, and then flew away with a little bird after they got posted, it was great. The different ways that generation interact with technology is a theme throughout the movie, and one of the driving forces behind the plot. It pays off really well, with a sappy moment I’m not going to ruin being technologically mediated.

Jon Favreau starred in and directed this, and he does a really good job in both roles. But seriously dude, casting Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara as your love interestests? That’s some sort of gross wish fulfillment. Both actresses are excellent though, and the relationships work, even if you’re a little bit confused how a schlub like him could get with such beautiful ladies. I guess the stomach is the way to the heart?

Ultimately it’s a super fun feel good movie about family and following your heart.


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