The Losers

This was a very fun action movies. It isn’t amazing, but it’s visually interesting, and has a good cast. It was a perfect movie for a mindless summer night.

It does all the little things right. The musical cues were great. There are some great visual moments. The action scenes are well done, and not overly predictable. The cast is really solid. Idris Elba is just unfairly compelling and good looking. Chris Evans should have more chances to do comedy instead of being a muscely action hero. It’s a movie full of good pieces that never add up to something spectacular.

The problem is the ending — instead of wrapping things up neatly they left room for a sequel that never happened. That’s very typical Hollywood — stopping itself from creating a satisfying ending in the hopes of kickstarting a franchise. Even with some loose threads it hangs together alright, and the emotional arc is satisfying.

The movie is based of a comic series that I read all of years ago. I remembered a big twist halfway through the movie, but knowing that didn’t ruin anything.

It isn’t a great movie, but it’s a fun diversion.

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