X-Men: Days of Future Past

This movie wasn’t very much fun, and didn’t really make sense.

I loved X-Men First Class because it was so much fun! It was lively and a little bit sweet. There was a lot of joy in playing with the time period. Days of Future Past is far more grim, to its detriment.

The ending doesn’t work. I’m not going to explain why, cause I don’t really understand. It doesn’t really make sense, and the parts I understood weren’t very good. My memory is that the comic book storyline made more sense, which is really saying something, because I also remember that being pretty nonsensical. Sometimes a movie can get away with not making sense, but they’re a lot more fun than this.

There were somethings I did enjoy. The young and old versions of Magneto and Professor X are both fantastic. If you don’t read X-Men stories as being about Magneto and Professor X’s tortured romance, I’m sorry, that must be such a sad life. Their relationship is so wonderful, it was my favorite part of the first film, and it’s still an element here. Also, Sir Patrick and Sir Ian are just adorably good friends.

I was impressed by how many random X-Men I could name — a lot more than my girlfriend. I’ll take that as a sign of a well spent youth. I’m not sure all of these different mutants were really necessary, and they generally weren’t developed at all.

Quicksilver was a ton of fun. He was a weirdo, and they really used the time period to tell us things about his character, and it was just a blast. I wish they had done more with him though. Especially if they actually make him Magneto’s kid! Maybe that’ll show up in the next one.

My problems with this movie aren’t enough to make me not want to watch the next one. I’m might be a bit less excited, but the franchise still has enough stuff going for it, and I still care enough about some of these characters that I’ll check it out.



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