Tim’s Vermeer

Okay, so this is a documentary about a dude named Tim. He made a lot of money doing computer effects stuff, so now he has the time and money to do weird shit. He had read about the theory that Vermeer used lenses to get the sort of realism of the light in details in his paintings. So Tim decided to figure this out, using only the technology that would have been availible in Vermeer’s time. And he figures something out that works, so he decided to build a replica of the room Vermeer painted in, with all the stuff, and the right light, and then try painting it himself. He’s this guy who had never painted before, but he just went for it. It turns out pretty well. It looks like a Vermeer.

This whole thing brings up some really interesting questions. What’s the difference between making art and using technology? What do we add to a work when the goal is to mimic reality? There isn’t really the analysis that I want. It never goes far enough into these questions.

That isn’t the type of movie it is. It’s a very dull quest movie. It isn’t trying to raise phylisophical questions, and when they show up it doesn’t know what to do with them. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. It just means that there’s lots of room for us to keep going. This movie is a possible starting place for much bigger ideas.


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