goals @ the start of summer

So, you might have noticed, but I’ve been posting a lot of tiny book and movie reviews. The goal is to write at least a hundred words about every book I read and every movie I see this summer. So far it’s going pretty well, enough so that I’m willing to publicly admit that’s the goal. Now you can all shame me if I stop doing it.

I love summer — so much time to read and watch movies. I’ve also been watching a lot of television, but I’m not sure how I want to write about that. We’ll just see if anything is inspiring.

I just started watching Twin Peaks, and god. It’s incredible. It’s so weird. I don’t know what I want to say about it yet, it’s just so weird and beautiful. I love it.

I don’t know how I want to write about music either. Maybe post something about one song every week? I love writing about music, but it isn’t something I’ve done much of lately.

I should write about food too. I want to cook more, and this would be a good excuse to try more interesting restaurants.

We’ve had a nice stretch of hot weather this week. I’ve left my windows open for like five days straight, it’s lovely. On Memorial Day my mother and I went for a walk down by Minnehaha falls and it was great, except for how I came home with a dozen mosquito bites that have been driving me crazy all week.

Starting Monday there might be slightly less lying around. It’s been two weeks since graduation, and my parents will be allowed to start nagging me about the future. I don’t feel too terrified though. I emailed the bookstore about volunteering. I know what Americorps program I want to apply for, and have a timeline for getting that done. I need to set up a time to take my driver’s test, but I don’t need my license until August. I’ve been driving a lot more, and feel pretty good about it.

Summer’s only just getting started. I haven’t gone swimming once yet. There will be plenty of time to worry later. For now I’m just going to hang out and read all of the things.

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