On the Road – 2012 Film

The great thing about mediocre film adaptations existing is that then you can watch them and give up two hours of your life instead of actually finishing a book that you’ve started twice and never finished.

I like On The Road, quite a lot actually. There are parts of the first half of the novel that I absolutely adored. I just wasn’t able to get through it. The second time I tried I didn’t even get as far as I did the first time.

I was hoping the movie would inspire me to finish the book. This did not happen.

It was boring, and structureless. Which makes sense, the novel is pretty rambling, but for a film adaptation you either have to fix that or be interesting enough to work anyways. This does neither.

There’s a voiceover, which helps with the framing, but doesn’t quite work. This does manage to get some of the language of the book into the film, but it feels shoehorned in.

The acting was fine, it looked pretty. There were good parts of this film, but not enough to keep me captivated. I wound up going on twitter, and actually taking out my laptop to write while keeping one eye on the television.

This movie didn’t feel like a journey. It never goes anywhere, and that was disappointing.

Maybe I’ll finish the book next summer. Or maybe not.


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