War for the Oaks by Emma Bull

Do you ever read a book that seems like it was written just for you? Where you are the ideal reader, or close anyway? That’s what War of the Oaks was like for me. It’s about a Minneapolis girl who’s struggling to balance being in a rock’n’roll band, being a pawn in a faerie war, and being and happy. I am the target audience here.

It’s amazing it’s taken me so long to read this book — it’s been on my list for years, and the first time it was recommended to me I was amazed I hadn’t heard about it before.

I don’t have a lot to say about the plot — fairly standard urban fantasy that moves along nicely. I think I would have enjoyed this plot even if it had been set somewhere else, but it’s hard to say. Much of my pleasure came from the location. I love reading about the Cities. I love being able to place the action in places that I can picture, on roads that I’ve walked down. Downtown Minneapolis has changed since the late 80s, but much of that has happened recently. I remember Daytons and the old central library. Peavy Plaza is the same as always, and I think it makes perfect sense for faeries to meet there.

I loved this book. It felt like home — the magic, and the landscape. Bull creates a familiar yet beautiful adventure. You should absolutely read this book. For full effect I would recommend reading it while listening to Prince.


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